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Dorota Azimov

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Psychologist BSc (Hons.)

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I am glad you decided to explore your inner world to find hidden strengths or assets previously unseen to you here. You certainly are in the right place! Do not waste time on hours of self-analysis and scratching old wounds - instead, let us look for a solution immediately

- together. Why Embrace Self therapy have such great resultsOne, because in a short time you can find a solution to your problem. Two, because it is focused on you and your goal! You and your subconscious mind have the answer to your inner self-conflict. 

I am just well trained professional, passenger if you wish, that it is on the seat next to you who is 

equipped with tools to guide you 

towards your goal! Start your journey 

of Embracing self with me, 

today, right here, 

right now! 

Hello & Welcome, I am Dorota!

A highly skilled and well-trained professional. Who understands the uniqueness of each and every individual and thus offers bespoke scripts for all Hypnotherapy clients.

I work with people from various backgrounds, aged 5 – 100, although never had a client above the 80+bench mark. My therapy methods enable clients to reach positive outcomes within a short span of time whether the therapy might be for a single clinical hypnotherapy client, a group of people or a professional organisation. I have broad experience in using as well as sharing good communication and hypnotherapy in various settings.


Throughout my life, I have battled with mild anxieties and self-doubt. Close members of mine suffered from grief illnesses or addiction. So, I have searched for a way to help myself and others around me to put a stop to the misery we experience at times as adults and as children. This led me to pursue Psychology studies, followed by research. Then, taking on an Entrepreneurial career and finally, I set my anchor in the Hypnotherapy field. I have experienced many times the power of the techniques I use now in my work – the widening of horizons through the Jungian approach, the logical conclusions from cognitive and solution-focused therapies, as well as the kick you get from a good ego-boosting exercise.

If I were looking for therapy for myself today, the most important thing for me would be knowing about:


Long or forever lasting result with the willing, actively participating and open-minded person. Good lasting results may require several sessions (all indicated by the therapist during the Intake process)

Therapy techniques

I always explain fully and in advance the proposed treatment plan (fees, precise terms as well as conditions of therapy). I like to combine the techniques of modern hypnotherapy, REBT, elements of NLP, ACT, CBT, The Silva Mind control method as well as Psychology and EMDR for Hypnotherapy when appropriate. I also use techniques from outside of the professional field, such as breathing techniques and meditation.

Therapist and other qualifications

Before and during my many years of her research and study I was an Entrepreneur and Volunteer. Created and ran business companies as well as an online magazine for parents ‘YMW’ (run on Facebook, Ins and other social media with over 7,5K followers), dealing mainly with parenthood and social issues, incl. mental health.

I gained my therapeutic learning in the United Kingdom, from many outstanding innovators in the therapeutic field, including Dr Kate Bevan Marks and Rory Z Fulcher as well as Gary Coles and Sheila Granger. 

I hold BSc in Psychology gained at Roehampton University, London – in 2012; Diploma in Hypnotherapy; NGH Certificate in Hypnotherapy; Hypno-Oncology Certification; and EMDR for Hypnotherapist Certification.

Volunteer (ed)

Reading Volunteer “Learn2Love2Read” (2019-till date)

Community Mentor – ‘Family Action’

Emotional supporter – ‘Victim Support’, and at Neuro Disability Hospital London

Little extra...

DBS up to date and clear to work with children, adults as well as vulnerable people.

Fully vaccinated for COVID-19

Sponsored and promoted a fundraising activity that raised £1,154.00 for the Evelina Children’s Hospital London. (YMW)


As a person who suffered from anxieties, childhood trauma and self-doubt I have participated in several psychotherapies and counselling sessions. Thanks to them I know what is not working and I can most definitely spare you that!


The methods that I use today in the sessions helped me become who I am now! Confident, happy, outspoken, self-driven professional, activist, volunteer and a kind open minded parent (or so I have been told ).


I ensure that the care of my client remains my primary concern. Act in the best interest of the person I work with at all times. Act only within the limits of my expertise. No lie, No funny business, no tricks! If it is apparent that the therapy I offer is not the most suitable form of treatment I offer referral options to another therapist or healthcare professional.

Always carry out my duties in a professional and ethical manner. 

90 per cent of my clients come to me by word of mouth from previously met individuals. The quality of my work is verified by the people who use it.


I support organisations such as MIND, GOSH, and collaborate with Hypnotherapy for Key workers.


Myself or/and My work was featured on several websites and magazines including The National Hypnotherapy Society, Learn to Love to Read; YummyMummysWorld as well as in RoryZ Fulcher book ‘The Instant Hypnosis and Rapid Inductions Guidebook’

I Dorota Azimov truly embraced self and thoroughly enjoy what I do, thus it reflects in my work.
Now, I welcome you to join me with the goal of reclaiming your best self.


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