Hypno-Mindfulness Program For Children And Young Adults


"The Quintessential Resolution To Having Your Child Manage Their Own Emotions And Improve Wellbeing"


As parents, educators and therapists we all want children to have a good sense of well-being, a positive attitude, self-confidence, resilience, good friendships, ‘efficiency/reach for the goal attitude’ and the ability to process emotions healthily (with a good pinch of gratitude thrown in to weigh the scale!). The concepts practised and taught during the ‘NEST’ are what most would consider ‘common sense, yet it sometimes takes a person other than an actual parent, to reinforce these ‘simple’ ideas that you are most likely already trying or have tried to instil in your (sometimes resistant!) dear little loved ones. That is where NEST Embrace Self Therapy comes in! This program is designed not only for groups but can also be used on an individual basis. NEST program uses a combination of techniques (psychology, hypnosis, mindfulness, NLP and more) to help young minds to take control of their emotional state and remain focused and confident while being challenged. 

"During our session I will explain straightforward strategies that your child will be able to instantly use -every day, to manage their difficult thoughts or feelings, This Is 'My Gift' to you"

NEST Therapy activities


  1. Help in building each student’s self-esteem.
  2. Provide children with methods of managing and reducing anxiety or fear (promoting feelings of calm and focus).
  3. Teach children how to ‘focus on themselves (i.e., shift away from negative opinions or behaviour of others).
  4. Explain the inclinations of the human mind focusing on unpleasantness (thoughts, habits) that often come from past experiences or possible negative scenarios that may happen in the future, highly concentrating on how to interrupt that pattern of thought.
  5. Help in the development of the children’s ability to adopt an optimistic outlook.
  6. Will teach how to use mindfulness techniques and why to use them.
  7. Teach why and how to be kind to oneself and others (self-care is good yet selfishness can be damaging).
  8. Help to learn how to identify unhelpful thoughts, and assist children to reframe their beliefs so they can develop a growth mindset.
  9. Provide strategies for improving each student’s emotional set point (i.e. teaching children how to feel calmer/happier more often).
NEST Hypno Practice

“I am confident that what I will teach your child will not only improve their life, but also yours. Hopefully forever.”


  1. A diagnosis or labelling process for mental or emotional health disorders
  2. One person (therapist/coach) telling another person/s (the client/group) how they should live their life
  3. A prescription-based or one-size-fits-all mentality that doesn’t allow room for points of difference or individual experience


  ‘NEST’ uses a combination of scientifically rooted techniques, such as psychology, hypnotherapy, mindfulness…and more. NEST teaches your child a reliable breathing technique that he will learn to use successfully. That all combined enables children to increase their overall well-being. NEST teaches mindfulness, enhances and uses strengths appropriately, builds resilience, boosts self-esteem and performance and, last but not least, helps achieve desirable achievable goals. Dorota Azimov uses motivational techniques as well as reactive strategies for dealing with difficult emotions, anxieties, habits, phobias, challenging situations and more…

Hypnotherapy & Embrace Self Therapy FAQ as well as fees can be found -> here. Little more FAQ in a recent blog ->‘Hypnotherapy – End The Stigma’.